Royal Holloway, University of London, provides academic direction for the BSc Business Administration degree. The degree covers the major areas of business administration: accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, information systems and international business. It will prepare you for a career in business and management, as well as to more advanced academic study.

This degree consists of 12 courses. Comprehensive study support is offered providing you with paper-based and/or online materials. Via the online learning environment you communicate with tutors and fellow students, take part in online seminars and, for some courses, undertake team tasks.

Course Content:

Foundation level

Two compulsory full courses
  • Management and the modern corporation
  • Accounting for management

 Plus four compulsory half courses

  • Business analysis and decision making
  • Business statistics
  • Business study skills and methods
  • Management and communication skills

Advanced level

 One compulsory full course

  • Strategic management

Plus three full courses from

  • Marketing management
  • Human resource management
  • Production and operations management
  • Management information systems
  • Management accounting

Specialist level

 One compulsory full course

  • Modern business in comparative perspective

Plus the equivalent of three full courses from

  • Advertising and promotion in brand marketing (full course)
  • International human resource management
  • Accounting for strategy (full course)
  • Innovation management (full course)
  • Marketing research (half course)
  • Consumer behaviour (half course)
  • Managing organisational change (half course)
  • The individual at work (half course)
  • European business (half course)
  • Multinational enterprise (half course)
  • International finance and accounting (half course)
  • Japanese business in Europe (half course)