Admissions are open at Islamabad School of Law for the following University of London programmes:

  • LLB Honours
  • 2. CertHE Common Law
  • 3. Graduate Diploma in Law
  • 4. Master of Laws

In addition to this admissions are also open for classes for Bar Transfer Test (BTT) and Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

This programme provides delegates with a minimum of 40 hours training to become a Civil/Commercial Mediator. The programme is taught by global experts that have decades of experience.Completion of the programme results in full accreditation as a UK Civil-Com-mercial Mediator meeting international standards in mediation.

Why train with us?

ADR-ODR International can off er you access to a wealth of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) experts who have over 35 years of experience from over 10 countries.

This expertise and experience alongside ADR-ODR International’s thought leadership and commitment to ODR, allows us to produce the best possible mediation course for aspiring Civil-Commercial Mediators. ADR ODR International is also a SIMI registered service provider. Our course is part of the SIMI registered training programme which means that through us you can become a level 1 SIMI accredited mediator.

Excellence guaranteed

ADR-ODR International is accredited by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) of the UK and we are recognised internationally as the leading ADR-ODR provider by our many corporate partners. ADR ODR International is also a SIMI registered service provider. Our civil/commercial mediation course is a SIMI registered training programme which means that on successful completion of this course, you can apply to become a level 1 SIMI accredited mediator.

Post training professional development ADR-ODR International is passionate about conflict resolution and we firmly believe that each and every graduate of our course should be provided with every opportunity to develop their skills and become peacemakers following successful completion of their mediation training with us. At ADR-ODR International we believe that delegates learn best by practicing mediation skills. This is why all of our mediation programmes are skill-based and focused on practical learning. During your Civil-Commercial Mediation training over 70% of your time will be spent in role-play scenarios with tutor-observed sessions. The programme is presented by highly experienced international tutors and mediation practitioners who give comprehensive feedback and guidance throughout. The course creates a rich and stimulating environment with plenty of opportunities to interact with the course trainers and fellow delegates. Case study mediation exercises, group discussions and debriefing sessions enable you to practice the skills you have learnt. Tutors are available to you throughout the programme to discuss any aspect of the course including practical difficulties. ADR-ODR International brings together leading knowledge in the field of Civil-Commercial Mediation training to ensure that each delegate understands the context and application of the core skills needed to become an excellent mediator.

Course Materials

During the course, each delegate will receive a course manual and course slides to use during and after the course. The course manual is a concise introduction to mediation and is designed to assist your learning thought-out the course and get you ready to practice as a Civil/Commercial Mediator.

Should I attend?

The 40 hour Civil- Commercial mediation skills course is designed for those individuals who have a desire to mediate within the civil-commercial arena. We have separate courses for those with an interest in Family and Workplace disputes.