LLB (Honours)

The LLB degree is offered for both Standard Entry and Graduate Entry. You must be registered for a minimum of 30 credits at each level of study.

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Bar Transfer Test (BTT)

The Bar Transfer Test is the test for lawyers from overseas jurisdictions transferring to the Bar of England and Wales.

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Master of Laws (LLM)

The University of London International Programmes LLM offers breadth and flexibility to meet your personal and professional interests.

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Mission Statement

At Islamabad School of Law, we are committed to developing socially responsible and revolutionary leaders of tomorrow who have a sound understanding of the law, who are committed to pursuing excellence, and can integrate education, diversity, research, innovation, and entrepreneurialism to challenge existing norms and actively increase engagements on local and global platforms.

Shanze_ProfileBar Professional Training Course
(BPP University)

Studying this course with the UOL has broadened my horizon and has brought a positive change in my personality. It has made me more confident, intellectual and open-minded. UOL gives you a flexible study option; you can do a law course that is globally recognised while having the comfort of your own home country. ISL and it’s teachers were a huge support system during my LLB Programme. They made sure each and every student understood the basics of law which later helped me during my postgraduate studies.

Suleman_ProfileBarrister, LLM (LSE)

Islamabad School of Law was a life-changing experience for me and certainly one which set my professional career on the track to success. The UOL External LLB Programme was very well structured, challenging and was taught with great clarity and cohesion. I truly value my LLB degree as it remains the core foundation upon which my professional life stands firm and reminds me that studies coupled with hard work not only pays off well but instill a sense of achievement, self-confidence and contentment. I am proud to say that ISL gave me the tools to overcome the fear of failure and the hope to achieve what at one point seemed insurmountable.

Barrister (City University, London)Fiaz_new

My journey at ISL has taught me a lot more than I could have imagined. Islamabad School of Law has been instrumental in preparing me for the real legal world and has served as a useful corridor for me to transform into a lawyer from a law student. The faculty and welcoming environment always encouraged me to excel and will be dearly missed. The three years went by so quickly and will always be cherished.

I strongly believe that opting for an external degree whilst studying in the comfort of my home city gave me an edge. The University of London Programme has been carefully designed to cater to all types of students and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone who is passionate about law.

Mehreen-ProfileLLM (Kings College, London)

In September 1998 I made my first phone call to a law school listed on British Council prospectus, and since then there has been no looking back. ISL is not only a school offering law classes, but is an institution shaping the lives of each student forever. The continuous support and encouragement of the management and staff helps each student to tap their potential and excel.

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