A limited number of scholarships are available in cases of academic excellence or financial need. Islamabad School of Law offers scholarships to students in its A levels and LLB Programme based on their past academic performance. Students with outstanding O levels, A levels, or LLB results are awarded scholarship.

Scholarships in LLB

LLB results
• 4 Distinctions 100% tuition fee scholarship
• 3 Distinctions 75% tuition fee scholarship
• 2 Distinctions 50% tuition fee scholarship
• 1 Distinctions 25% tuition fee scholarship

BA/FA first division will get the student approximately Rs.10,000 /- off annually.

Every ‘A’ in the A levels will get the students relief Rs.10,000 /- annually (excluding Urdu).

Scholarships in A Levels

9 A’s and above 100% tuition fee Waiver
8 A’s 75% tuition fee Waiver
7 A’s 50% tuition fee Waiver

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