Nashmia Minto graduated from Islamabad School of Law in 2013 and is a corporate lawyer, currently working in KMPG Lower Gulf, UAE.

Being an Islamabad School of Law Alumni, commonly known as ISL, I would like to say that it was my experience at ISL which shaped me into who I am now. My teachers or rather mentors have always been my support system, not only during my time at ISL but also after that. They were always a call or a message away.

I would like to pass on a message to all you aspiring lawyers that law is not a field, but a fraternity, we are all one big family and to nurture us in our early years we need the best support. So if you want to be a lawyer, I would highly recommend ISL, because in my career of last 7 years in the UAE, the thing that helped me the most was not only what I studied in the classroom, but also the mentoring I got from Sir Qasim, Sir Sami, Ma’am Tehmina, Sir Mutalib and all those who were there with me in my early days of learning.