Library Rules

  1. The library is run by a qualified librarian. The library offers a variety of books including textbooks. The books are catalogued according to the international Dewey System. Students are encouraged and given personal guidance by the Librarian for reference and selection of the books.
  2. The librarian on receipt of the book card will enter the date of return on the relevant forms, retain the book card forfuture reference and issue the book to the student concerned.
  3. No book is to be issued on PROXY.
  4. A maximum of 6 books may be issued at a time.
  5. Reference books and books marked “Not to be removed from the library” may not be issued.
  6. All books can be re-issued as and when required. Three re-issues are permissible in case there is no request for the said book. In case the desired book has already been issued and a copy is not available, the student can put their name down and reserve the next issue.
  7. The book has to be personally produced for the re-issue, as the cards have to be marked
  8. The library books are to be returned on the specified date, given by the librarian.
  9. Returned books are to be handed personally to the librarian for the necessary check.
  10. On a book returned late a fine of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged.
  11. In case a book is lost while in the custody of the student, he/she is encouraged to find the lost book within a period of two weeks, failing which he/she has to pay the total cost of the lost book.
  12. Photo-copying facilities are available in the library.
  13. Any books removed from the shelves for study work in the library are not to be returned to the shelf itself but put in area designated by the sign, “Please place books here for shelving”.
  14. All books, journals, newspapers and other publications in the library are The Institute’s property; therefore, students must refrain from any scribbling, written remarks, and tearing off newspapers’ pages, portions of books etc.

Enforcment of Rules

The following methods are in operation

  1. Warning/reprimand
  2. Suspension of certain student’s privileges
  3. Suspension from The Institute
  4. Fines
  5. Expulsion

Persistent violation of any rule may result in suspension or expulsion.

Fee Payment Rules

  1. The tuition fee for the year is collected in Two installments. First installment is payable at the time of admission and the Second installment is payable on 15th of November.
  2. Tuition fee cards are issued at least two weeks in advance of the last date of payment of tuition fee. Fee cards are sent to parents through pupils. If the parent does not receive the fee card they must contact the office.
  3. After the final date of payment, the fee is received for a grace period of 10 days with a fine of Rs. 1000.
  4. If the fee is paid by cheque and the bank returns the cheque unpaid, a charge of Rs. 500 is made to cover administrative costs in addition to the late fee charges (if applicable).
  5. After the grace period is over the student’s name is subject to cancellation and re-admission of the student is conditional upon
  • The full payment of the Admission Fee
  • The full payment of all outstanding dues
  • A vacancy in class since the place might have been offered to applicant , and
  • Recommendation by the Head for re-admission of the student
  1. The Admission Fee and Security Deposit are payable once only at the time of admission. The security deposit refundable only when
  • The student leaves the institute
  • Tuition fee are not outstanding, and
  • No deduction have been made against the deposit
  1. Tuition fee once paid is not refundable irrespective of whether the student leaves the course voluntary or is asked to leave the course on academic, disciplinary or any other grounds.
  2. Parent with more than two children attending the college are charged full fee for the two older children and half fee for the other children.
  3. A student, who joins the College during the term, is charged full fee for the term.
  4. Tuition fees normally increase at the rate of 10-15% per year.
  5. Withdrawal from the College requires at least one term’s fee in lieu of notice.

The institute reserves the right to change or amend the rule/conditions state